Architecture From the Cinematic visual view

hình ảnh kiến trúc siêu thực toà nhà cong, toà nhà uốn lượn

Architecture starts from ideas, shaping the future of life that people want to own.
And so are fiction movies.

Future architecture or science and technology are often studied by real scientists.
Some of it was seen or imagined in advance by talented artists.
They are also brilliant scientists who foresee technological trends.

And you can also easily admire them through their excellent films produced.

Architecture from the Cinematic Visual View, Part 1: Doctor Strange

The movie “Doctor Strange” by talented director Scott Derrickson will be the work that opens a new chapter for Marvel’s superhero movie series.
The journey that Strange went through was truly unbelievable.
And in that journey, besides the dramatic action scenes, and the dramatic situations, there were many interesting laughs.

“Doctor Strange” captivates viewers with its magical visuals, impressive magical battles, and stunning visual effects.
The image of a series of tall buildings as well as physical structures being bent and folded like two halves of a book is both scary and beautiful.
At the same time, the magic displays of the two sides of good and evil give viewers a feeling of both suspense and stimulation.

Architectural techniques in the film have created very different and impressive architectural spaces.
The curved images give the viewer an impression of a new architectural perspective.
The visual emotions throughout the film, from paintings, textures, and architectural arrays are broken and interwoven.
The buildings are changed in architecture, shape…
Things that modern and postmodern architecture can be designed and built.

Architecture From the Cinematic Visual View, Part 2: Skyscraper

In the film, Dwayne Johnson will play veteran Will Sawyer, taking on the job of assessing the security of high-rise buildings. When doing work at the Jade Tower, he faced a tough challenge when the whole building suddenly caught fire.

While trying to save his family from the sea of ​​fire, Will was slandered and pursued. The paradoxical situation made Will unable to turn around but had to enter the burning tower to rescue his family as well as find a way to vindicate himself.

The Skyscraper is designed in the shape of a dragon reaching up and holding the jewel

How to build the Pearl Tower?

When discussing the restoration of Parliament House after it was destroyed by bombs during World War II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill said:

“We will shape the buildings, then the world will shape us.”
Winston Churchill

This quote became the guideline for production designer Jim Bissell to complete his work in  Skyscraper.

He said: “A building or a city plan helps us shape the culture of that city. The Jade Tower will have to reflect the unique culture of the city in which it is built.”

After a field trip in Hong Kong and studying the Mekong River and the enchanting legends of Asian cultures, Bissell’s team had important images of dragons and pearls ready to shake hands. in the design of the Jade Tower. There is a very interesting story in it.

The story tells that: Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived in a very poor village. That year, the tough land in the village suddenly fell into an unprecedented dry state. Every day, the boy has to go further to find grass for the herd, the main source of livelihood for him and his mother.

Suddenly one day, while digging in the field, he discovered a very beautiful pearl. He carefully put the pearl in the rice jar for safety, and the next morning, to his surprise, his rice bin was full. The magic pearl quickly helped the whole village become prosperous, no one had to live in poverty.

The magic of the gem quickly spread, and the evil greedy people rushed to the village to take it for their own.

Before that scene, the boy swallowed the jewel and turned into a ferocious dragon. The sky suddenly opened, and water began to fill the river. The dragon lurks into the water and continues to protect the home village and its people forever…

From the above data, Jim Bissell’s design team started with the idea of ​​constructing a twisted tower that simulates a dragon rising and swallowing the jewel located on Victoria Harbour.

Although in reality, the team only had 5 months to design everything and prepare for this movie but watching the Jade Tower looks like it took years to build to be monumental and to such a scale.

Is the Emerald Tower really real?

According to the design, the Jade Tower is the tallest building in the world, owning a record number of 225 floors and a height of more than 1,066 m.

Built inspired by the legend of the dragon ball, Emerald Tower possesses a 5-star hotel, high-class gyms, two cinemas, parking, a theater, a 6-story shopping complex, a 3-Michelin-star restaurant, 30-storey Jade Park, and more than 100 floors are where luxury apartments are located. Therefore, the Emerald Tower has become a modern city, promising to bring its inhabitants a comfortable and safe life.

The most prominent feature of the tower is the observatory built by digital application with its detailed ideas all based on reality.

Visual effects supervisor Petra Holtorf-Stratton said: “This design is completely workable in practice. Many buildings now have such an observatory area, where visitors will step out of the building and feel as if they are standing in an infinity pool.

Thông số “khủng” của Tháp Ngọc khi so với những tòa tháp khác trên thế giới

The “terrible” parameters of the Jade Tower when compared to other towers in the world

The only reason we didn’t stage this scene was that the tower we designed didn’t exist at all. We want the audience after enjoying this film to dream of visiting the Emerald Tower and seeing this building with their own eyes… even though it doesn’t exist.”

With the “huge” investment and enthusiasm of the production team, the Pearl Tower will surely become one of the unforgettable wonders created by man in the cinematics.

Carrying on its “unique” architecture and extraordinary designs, when the Emerald Tower burns, it will surely cause a horrifying disaster that pushes those trapped inside into a life-and-death situation of “thousands of pounds”. hanging hair”, which includes Will Sawyer’s family.

Above are the answers to many behind-the-scenes questions surrounding the movie Skyscraper. This article must not be able to satisfy all the curiosity about the process of creating a masterpiece. Only the movie can explain how modern and beautiful this Pearl Tower is.

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