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Hình ảnh Kiến trúc sư làm việc từ xa

Working remotely as a remote architect is no longer strange in today’s market.
In addition to a lot of remote jobs in the IT industry, the architecture industry is now also entering the trend of working remotely.
That is a big opportunity for remote architects.
The development of technology makes it easier to connect and share work in the Architecture industry much simpler than before.
Jobs that are not necessary to work directly at the office/site can be turned into remote work, for example:
– Design implementation of each part.
– Deploy technical details.
– Draft documents/drawings, and build 3D models.
– Other drafting using architectural software.
– Check the quality of the drawings.
– Review contracts/documents related to design…

Multinational remote work.

It will be simple when I mention remote work in the country,
The subject I explored and mentioned was the opportunity to work remotely for an architecture company abroad.
Although working in Vietnam, the remote architect operates in another country with a more attractive income.
This is a big challenge for architects and employers.
Using the remote architect is also a way to save experts costs for the employer company.
And also an opportunity to attract talented architects to join the company more simply.

Choosing a place to connect to work remotely is also very important, related to the appropriate working time zone for both parties.
In addition, in the construction industry, it is very important to determine a similar environment in terms of measurement units and construction standards to be able to work smoothly.
For architects in Vietnam, the US market will not be favorable because that party uses the Inch measurement system, and the time zone difference is about 12 hours, so it is very inconvenient to exchange information and work together.
The more potential markets that can be searched are Europe (English-speaking countries) and Australia…

How to find remote jobs.

The “remote jobs” workgroup is still focused on IT, but there are a few sites where you can find remote jobs for Architecture such as:
Simply hired:
Other channels to find remote architecture jobs:

Skills that remote architect need.

The essential first baggage is being fluent in the language, knowing about local construction techniques is a huge advantage.
In addition to professional skills, the following skills are important to be able to complete remote work well.

Self-management skills:

As an independent work at home, it is very necessary to have good time management, and not to be distracted by the surroundings.
It is necessary to arrange reasonable work to have high concentration and coordinate with other personnel when necessary.
Time reporting & updating work needs to be accurate and in compliance with the plan.
Increasing work efficiency when working from home is not easy when real tests are showing that working from home is less productive.

Communication skills:

It may sound paradoxical, but when it comes to face-to-face interruptions, rapport skills are all the more important.
Help create a continuous and synchronized information environment for other members to ensure the pace of work. Avoid errors in communication.
Working from home for too long will reduce community communication skills. Maintaining this skill is very important.

Skills in Information Processing and Group Systems:

In the process of working remotely, information needs to be organized in a systematic way to be able to work together.
Simple and synchronous storage system for editing.
Manipulating in the system requires skill & compliance. Especially if the information is missing and unclear, when handled incorrectly, it will change the information of other members who are operating.
Information when handling absentee groups requires skills for effective coordination.

There are also challenges and issues that remote architect need to solve such as:
Organize working and living time Time differences and eliminate work distractions.
Differences in culture, working environment…

Above is the sharing about the work of a remote architect.
Looking forward to the comments, sharing, and additions of colleagues
Hope you get your dream job.

Kind regards.

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