Remote Jobs and remote architect opportunities.

Since COVID-19 emerged, It takes more than 250 million job vacancy postings across five English-speaking countries and we can easily find out which locations and sectors are showing the fastest growth in remote jobs.

Remote working is also more common in jobs with higher levels of computer use, higher earnings and that require higher levels of education.

Look through the detailed report: “Remote Work across Jobs, Companies, and Space” by the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and find out potential opportunities for remote architects in Architecture jobs.

Where remote jobs are growing fastest

During the onset of COVID-19 in March-April 2020, there was an average increase of 200% in jobs offering remote work across the five surveyed countries.

Levels of remote working by country. Image: NBER

Which occupations are in demand for remote work more often?

The report analysed data from the US shows a more than fivefold rise in the amount of computer, mathematical, architecture and engineering jobs offering remote working opportunities. These areas have seen the biggest rises, while healthcare and education have some of the lowest increases in hybrid working.

Jobs with higher levels of computer use and educational requirements are more likely to offer remote work. Image: NBER

Architecture is one of the top 5 industries with the highest remote employment opportunities. This could be an open period for remote architects.

How is the demand for remote work in major cities around the world?

The fact that cities tend to have higher numbers of knowledge workers, which are the kind of jobs more likely to be possible from home.

At the same time, this trend is actually supporting small cities and towns, as some people are not just becoming remote workers but are also relocating to more remote areas to be closer to nature and to benefit from more affordable housing.

The most populated cities are seeing some of the biggest rises in remote working opportunities. Image: NEBR


Link to detailed report:

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